Saturday, April 28, 2012

Set goals of 10 years from now, :)

Assalam. :)

Recently I've watched SNSD's Dangerous Boys on youtube.
The girls are responsible to bimbing the boys (bad boys literally, doing bad stuff at school macam merokok, ponteng, dll.)

Then there's an episode where all the girls, the 5 boys, and a psychologist if I'm not mistaken;

they sat together and the psychologist asked them to write down whatever they would want to be/get in 10-years' time from now. Or what would they are about to accomplish or have accomplished during the ten-year's period.

I guess everybody who watched the episode realized that they themselves haven't thought about such a question. (Or am I the only person?) =='

So here's the list I've thought about, hope you would plan yours too, amin! I would be in my thirties la by then (32 to be exact).

  1. Have twins!
  2. Have a very enjoying, successful business at HOME. :D
  3. Set up a nursery with my bestfriend Kecik, inshaAllah.
  4. Umrah & hajj with parents.
  5. Travel to South Korea 3 times with dear husband and twins.
  6. Having my dream car :) *green volkswagen beetle*


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