Friday, April 27, 2012

By the end of the day, what would I wish to happen?

Seeing the video tadi, made me wonder what would I answer to that question. :)

Get reaadyyyyyy !

  • to have my revision for econometrics done by tonite! minggu depan manyak test wooo!
  • may Allah berkati dan merahmati kami sekeluarga, and muslims di atas muka bumi ini.
  • and if it's possible, i want to stop hating on someone! *though it's hard macam buang chewing gum setahun melekat kat kerusi*
  • may my procrastination be gone INSTANTLY! 

:D aminn, inshaAllah! 

PS : Usaha takde, mana nak nampak resultnye =='

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