Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to buang this penyakit ? :O

I don't mind having assignments in this early, FIRST week of kuliah (ya rite),
I still couldn't overcome this procrastinating penyakit.

I got one assignment that needs to be done today, so that I could hand them this Monday, inshaAllah :)

So I googled this 'How not to procrastinate' , and a few articles caught my eyes.
Found great, quite-interesting-but-i'll-try-later-on tips that I should practice.. :p

Yes, I'm a person with so little passion and interests on homework.
I envy my friends that like to finish the h/work at early times.
Maybe they had good, fine dark chocolates before they start working on the asgmt.. =='

Yesterday was Prince Harry's 27th , C;

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