Sunday, May 8, 2011

Barf - Barf

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Wanna know what I'd do at home?
Excluding that I go to the toilet / eat/ drink / wash , etc.
Now, I'm revealing the things that I'd do every single day,
continuously, WITHOUT FAIL!

They're the same, siyes!
Lau tak kat situ, kat laen plak.
Just like the merry-go-round,
You'll meet me at the same spot 25/7.

Well for a start, this is my desktop. :)

Almost everyday I'd spend my day with K-POP :3

Seungho oppa ~~ ^^

tumblr never gets me tired of reblogging everything!

Not to forget , the blog.

I like to cut cut lagu , then lawan wif my niece who got the best lagu as her ringtone :)
And keep them safely in my various lagu suda di-cut (:
* * *

P.S : This month is Mother's Day aite? Huhu , I must thank Encik TV :B Ma .. sorry if I've made you worried all this while, I'm a grown up girl suda! ngeee~~

Saranghaee omma! <3

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