Friday, December 24, 2010


Oh dear, I'm not good in English!!
If someone or a foreigner asks me directions,
I would go "err.. umm .. you should ..

I wanna be good in many kinds of things.
But to know that I suck at using English to speak,
That's a total _____ (fill in the blank)
Unlike abah, he's a good journalist, 
once a reporter for a newspaper,
Well, he's sort of good .. 

Manual. Digalakkan pada sesiapa yang minat barang2 antik.

My lil sis is just like him I guess
Showing interests in things like speaking in front of the public
YUP she has the confidence!
She wants to learn that hard..
Cuz she likes them! :))

Gedik! *15Dec10*
We girls are trying our best to impress our parents.
Huhu but I don't think that I want to impress abah.
I want to do something else.
He wants me to further my studies on TESL.
Well I don't really know about that.
I don't have any interest in it.
Dunno y, -_-
But he's okay if I were to take other things if it's my interest. 
:) Good dad.

It's a shame actually if someone bumped into me and say,
"Oh excuse me, could you please tell me is there any toilet around here?"
Ya you can guess my expressions would be like ____ (fill in the blank)
I would pause
and then like just use my hand gestures MORE 
than I explain the directions properly.

Maybe one of the main reasons is that I rarely talk, in English.
Or rather I don't talk that much too, actually. :)
But that doesn't mean that I can't succeed, rite?
I got to have the courage, meet more people and be more approachable.
Try to have a stable self-esteem, and read more books!
My reading hobby is not as enthusiastic as before.
Kalau dulu, abes je, beli baru !
Duit abes ke situ je.
Da maken besar ni asik abis kat baju, beg, kasut je kut. ^^
LOL! We both luv pink!!


  1. Oh dear, I'm not good in English.. but in java i'm still not the good one too.. hehe

    Try 'abis'kan kat bukan baju, beg, kasut pulak ok. ( nak penuuh dah gerobok ngan rak kat umah tu) ;P

  2. YOUsoF

    > huh U tak tengok lagy, uma ni pnuh ngn buku gak! *manga,doraemon,utopia, bla3*

    tgu abah kite marah je. :)

    tak penuh lgy, dun wrry. ^^

  3. waah.. pinjam kejap boleh?

    hehe baiklah..