Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Know You Are No Superman* :)

"If I could be your superman, 

I'd fly you to the stars and back again. 

'cause everytime you touched my hand, 

You feel my powers running through your veins.
But I can only write this song, 
And tell you that I'm not that strong. 
'Cause I'm no superman, I hope you like me as I am"


Nice one. *
Could melt any girl's heart, Guarantee it! :P
Found him on MySpace Vid.
Accidentally tergerak to open MS tetibe.
Then saw this guy, 
A cover of an album,
'Constellation Me'.

Wish I can find his alb, :))

He reminds me of Teddy Geiger,
Sweet, quite husky voice-like.

Well the vid * acts like he's so frustrated, Waiting for the girl. And thankfully he got that girl. x) Neway I didn't notice that he wears the glasses just because the ori Superman wears them too! Huhu nyanyuk da! :D

Talking about the song Superman,
The guy really likes the girl, *awwww
Haha just waiting for one to come! 
*gedik* *mian mian/sori*

Haha got no idea WHY I'm posting this!!
Just fond out about him yesterday..   :O

One of the scenes, in 'Superman'

'So why do I disappear when you come near, 

It makes me feel so small, 
If I could read your mind, 
Girl would I find, any trace of me at all.'

The guy's nervous when the girl is around,
I wonder why a guy acts like that,
Sokay, that's what I see that kind of guy as cute, :))

'It aint no lie, I have to tell you how I feel,
Each time, I try it gets a little more unreal,
You walk my way,oh God is so frustrating.'

Hmm, speaking of telling what he feels inside,
He gotta find that courage la, ..
Before she gets away. :(


Mentang2 aq amek Investment Analysis, 
takkan LIRIK pon nak analyse !!
Chinchaaa MIANN! x(


Haha xde keje sangat da nihh, 
Over 2 weeks I haven't post a thing~
So forgive me k, *miann*

W/less sangat DAEBAK so I can't log on to my acc,
Neway this month I've gone through many giler things tak masok akal!
Malas cite, tak baekkk~
Papehal, JU-MA-AT  ni ade tez!
Tapi nak sedapkan lagy rase,
Aku g beli tix on d same day,
Tez kul 3Tren kul 5,

Who's the smart one here?
Yaaa dun blame me, 
Aku da rse bsalah giler kat sspe yang terlibat. :((

Last quote:
Don't make your friends waiting too long,
Or else, 
Their clock in the body will run out of batteries.

(Macam tak de kaitan je , jgn marah der) :D



  1. Tak dengar lagi lagu superman tanpa power terbang tu hehee.

    Samat behari raya di kejaohan ;D

    *cmne ur miss leh kautim ke psl 4ward tez 2?

  2. Hee sbnrnye ktorg tny kwn2 len yg brade laen klas, n dorg kate kul 230. Mmg da lme dah dorg taw 230, bkn dsbbkan ktorg baru nak wat 230.

    So mksdnye nak kate miz ktorg silap ke, tah la.
    Nwy Alhamdulillah jgk la miz pon nak tlg ktorg ritu~