Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Married Guy*

Tadi modul Part 5 and Cik Sukri conducted the ceramah for the evening.

He told stories about his 3-months-old-son. SO CUTE!!

Then he said something like this, 
After been married and blessed with a child, 
He loves his child MORE than his wife.
It's not that he is no longer in love with his wife,
It's just that the child is his first priority.. now

The feeling of a father towards his family
really makes me terharu.. :I

And according to Cik Sukri, it's normal.

To me, that matter scares me.
Ahha cam da ade laki je. :D
Kecik pon said the same thing .. "takut..".

Takut laki kite tak sayang kite cam dulu.. :(

But ade positive side nye jugak:

Selalu if a married couple is about to bercerai,
Anak-anak adalah penguat r/ship dorang.  :)

Divorce matters are serious, 
So with the presence of children,
The r/ship can get better and even more closer than before,
InsyaAllah... :)

*Sat aku tak paham nape aku post bende nihh.. 


  1. hmmm...tanda-tanda utk ade hbngn yg lebih serius da ade...gud 4 u..♥

  2. kak aisyah♥ >

    wakakaka haha
    alaa sume org cam tu kak.. dun deny it!!