Sunday, December 16, 2012

Call me selfish.

I've been keeping the things I wanna say, yet I thought I must be very selfish to do so.
Thinking back, I am not what I am today.

I've made my decision to STOP listening to people's problems, for the time being.
Give me a month or two, then I'll get back on track inshaAllah.

I can see myself being selfish here, but I need my space too.
All this while I tried not to or minimize my moans, comments, criticisms, etc in
any conversations, fear of people PENAT to hear all these.

So I did that, so that people would do the same for me.
Maybe I've grown tired after the SAME, OLD stories.
No improvements actually, the same stories keep coming.

I don't mean to be harsh, but hope anyone reading this would notice
I have my problems too.

So, pardon for my selfishness, thank you.

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