Monday, October 29, 2012

Slow down & breathe darlings

1. One fine day, I was doing my h/work dalam bilik, I couldn't really breathe, rasa macam paru2 cannot expand, dada sesak, aku da panik, cepat2 baring and tried to get myself to sleep.

2. In the library, I was doing my work dekat pc, that panic feeling came again. I was REALLY grasping for air, but I tried to control my breathing, taknak panik then jadi unwanted problems nanti plak.

I went to the clinic, the doctor couldn't detect any 'asthma' symptoms. He assumed that all the pressure I was in gave these breathing difficulties. I couldn't agree more. This 'situation' will come when I'm in final exams, or other stressful things.

I was struggling with that previous 'jawatan', and alhamdulillah I managed to get out from that mess! :)

I wish everyone for a very joyful, healthy life. 
Assalam.  ^^ 


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