Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hantu Gangster :)


I went to watch the movie, and for the first time I can feel
the 1Malaysia in that panggung.
Cuba bayangkan selama ni pergi tengok Malay movie,
then came non-Malays masuk panggung sama2.
Susah tu nak saksikan!

I came into a conclusion that we need more 1Malaysia movies like this.
So I'll try to support Namewee eventhough he's the
person yang huru-hara kan negara dulu.
I'm sure he got some good intentions, inshaAllah.
Sebab takkan la dia susah2 wat filem muafakat macamni an?


  1. As a Namewee fan, I say thank you :)

  2. I totally agree! That day i went into the cinema, there was so much going on! There are Malays, Chinese and Indians sitting together, watching the same movie and laughing together.. You can never get this feeling anywhere :)

    1. LIKE! :D

      Ya the feeling and the atmosphere dat day was very hard to explain,
      and I'm glad we could actually watch a local movie together, laugh at the same jokes :)

  3. Agree! Hopefully many more people with the same thinking, barulah ada ruangan for discussion instead of haters everywhere! salam! :)

    1. Yup, and may Namewee is always open for kritikan membina! It's for his own good too. :)