Friday, April 6, 2012

Minggu ni I'm annoyed :'(

Lately, I think I'm having some kind of feeling that I want to be alone. Not particularly alone, just some quiet place to be in.

Dari dulu lagi asik jaga hati orang. I tried to speak se-perlahan mungkin or not so loud if I were on the phone, 
feared that that person tak suka, terganggu, etc. Then these very days made me think of what I should have done to make me feel 'fair' both to that person and myself too.

Karang tego, takut lepas tu tak bertego plak. I'm trying to put that aside , but I can't. Susa nak tido kadang2.

Maybe I'm selfish, and to think of it, I love my own company je. No worries, bole buat sesuka hati jugak. Tell me if I'm wrong asek nak komplen tu ni je, but kali ni I'm annoyed siyesly :'/

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