Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things I wish I were that 'Perfect'

I've always wondered how my life would be if I were more 'better' than my old self right now .
Would I be more motivated ? Yes.
Would I be more disciplined? Yes.
Would I be more successful? Yes.
Would I be more determined in getting all the good grades that I've always wanted? YES FARIHA!

You can get all the dreams you've always dreamt about.
Nothing or nobody is stopping you!
I know that ;(

I don't know how to make myself more motivated.
I know that if I work harder and the effort would be realistic.
I studied, scored the subjects, but there is one thing that keeps me less motivated.
I got this one subject, the only subject that leaves me terkontang-kanting.
There were only five students taking this subject in my class, because the other 20 classmates could not take it as they got no enough credit hour to take this.

I am blessed with beautiful, young lecturer. She'd come to me if I don't have a clue how's that nye situation.
As for the 5 classmates that I'm taking with, I am not close enough to them, plus dorang duduk luar. 
So the chances to get together and study subject ni macam impossible la.
Ok I know ni macam ngengada la taknak carik alternative laen la.
Yes I got a roommate taking this sub too.

Anyway, I realized that I tend to hold secrets rather than tell my friends.
I don't really tell. 

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