Thursday, October 20, 2011

ceteris paribus.

for me, it's a person with graphs of various lines and curves, and you simply have to have your eyes dance to the rhythm.

sometimes the opposite path leads you to somewhere else, but you just know where it would take you, if you to the left; you know it would be the increase of demand; vice versa.

hahah saja start merepek kejap.
rindu nak post, but my mind would not work a word, it keeps saying no.
'ya you should have some class of managing your 'brilliant' ideas.'

i need some motivation.
yes i did involve in programs.
here in shah alam, you really need to be quick.
you got to be prepared for what's gonna coming.
da tak bole manja2 dengan assignment da.
even kucing kat sini pon serious jilat badan dia. perluke?

anyway, inshaAllah on 9th to 11th nov,
i'll travel with the team for a tournament, bajet la grand sangat kan
i was selected to be among the 15 students and represent UiTM Shah Alam in Jutaria, HAHA!

It's catur bistari la der.
The best part would be the prizes laa!
The best team would get an I-Pad EACH aka PER PERSON !
Plus the one performing best individually would get a DSLR, :)

Coincidence je dow.
At two pm as usual we were waiting for our class la.
Then two boys from our class told us to go to ILQAM and stay there playing catur bestari.
Ok it was kind of klaka and a bit tah papenye game, and we were asked to play dengan seniors from Finance. 
I got through!
Maybe it was only luck, but we all enjoyeddd, siyes!
I was one of the top 15, with RM1.6 million of asset.
But the person ranked first is my very own classmate, with RM3.7 million dow!

Think I would never regret knowing youu, :)


  1. Hadiah yang cool, menuntut usaha yang cool jugak! Bagi yang terbaik ok. InsyaAllah kauorang boleh! ;)

  2. owhh a very good advice for me gebob! :)) thank u!