Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The possibility of having that 'iron deficiency' thing .

People who know me would aware about my eating habit.
I eat a lot :)
But then, even though I do eat dengan kerap, my face and body wouldn't cooperate with me.

People see me as pucat, pucat and pucat.
I don't have problems with that, cuz I don't mind being pucat :)
Recently I went for an interview for a 
clerk cum receptionist position.
I went in second and the last person for that day.
The interviewer was okay, so we chatted quite casually,
 and I was a bit comfortable.

Then, he said something that he wanted to take me, he blurted out that he feared whether I am capable for the post. I said I'll try my best. He insisted that I looked 'lembut' and I might not able to work under pressure, plus I'm pucat. So he asked me to state whatever matter that would convince him that I am okay to work under pressure. Sengal orang ni =='

Pape jela, I just want to relate the story with what I think is quite a problem if this thing goes on.
I don't know how similar my pucatness 
to symptoms of iron deficiency.
I do easily feel like fainting.
Even after I had my meals tadi.
Senang rasa penat, not because I'm not fit :p
I'm fit oke! Selalu my friends da penat but I'm still able to rasa nak jalan2 lagik :3
Suka gila jalan2, and jalan laju2.
Tapi sambil jalan tu , I can feel myself macam di awangan.
Kira cam dalam state rasa nak faint la.

Since skola rendah I face the prob.
Selalu assembly pagi I would curik2 duduk kat lantai.
So I am quite picky lau nak carik keje sambilan.
Jadi sales assistant memang out la :I

My little sis lagi teruk. She once fainted masa tengah sembahyang terawih, tersemba macam tu. Then , last year kot, she was working as a recepionist, she had been standing for quite sometime, she fell down, broke her front teeth (guna gigi palsu atm), and her lips swelled macam Jolie's. 

Well I don't know for exact why us two macam ni. So I'll seek a doctor when I have the time. 

P.S : Alang2 tengok tahap obese gue, ne taw da tinggi melambung2 ke!

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