Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inhale that smoke yourself la der.

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I have an opinion about smoking, let it be the cigarette or shisha. I bet people sometimes, the will to smoke mesti pernah ada, aite? Don't tell me takde, plez la. Tak kira la hang laki ke tina ke.

As a health freak (barely je, not really), I try my hardest to avoid unhealthy stuff like that.
I don't take junkies, makan maggie pon kadang2, just nak rasa. Neway, what I wanna say just now is that you guys kena ada satu reminder not to smoke la.

As for me, terus-terang ada satu peristiwa that I fought with myself, whether to take it or not. Seriously you must PILIH peers yang tak akan encourage korang kepada something that is not naturally you.

I'm not saying that orang yang smoke / shisha ni budak jahatla, bermasalah lah, takde keje , and sume benda2 jahat kat dorang or pikir orang yang tak amek tu baek tahap dewa ke hape. But there is one thing if you are the person that tak pernah sentuh those things.

Don't challenge yourself just because to 'fit-in' ke, or just wanna look 'cool' in front of them. That's bullshit! Siyes!

Tapi if you're one of the people yang da amek tu I won't sentuh la. I'm talking bout the persons yang belom amek ni. Plez laa, tak cool oke.

Lau nak pon, ko g smoke in a room that there's no one and only you. Semak doh bau!

I don't have that problem, but if I wasn't strong enough that day, I might end up smoking ..too.
Since I was in sekola menengah dulu I was surrounded by friends who smoke. I didn't mind, cuz I don't have the interest in smoking. As I'm getting tua ni, plus the peers are so 'encouraging', the feel of trying is getting stronger. 

P.S : Tak menuding mana2 pihak, ni combination macam2. Nak terasa lantak ko la. Peace :B

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