Sunday, March 6, 2011


Today I got so busy.
As early as 9 in the morning, 
I was dragged by my mom to follow her to visit our sedara
dekat Presint 11, Putrajaya.
The sedara just gave birth to a baby girl, Aliyah if I'm not mistaken.

Terima kasih Aishah, =='

Huhu then at noon we went home,
At 3pm I went out to buy the train ticket for tomorrow (2pm).

And the best part is, I bought myself a DRESS!
It's for a dinner, the theme is 'Masquerade vs Hats Maniac'
I just jalan2 dalam KL Sentral tu sahaja.
Nak g tempat laen macam tak bole cuz hujan.
So I had to spend the day searching for what I want to wear
berbekalkan ape yang KL Sentral can offer me. :)

Ok this is the dress, but I can't show you the whole thing yet! ^^


  1. Ganbar 1 > gedik ;P

    Gambar 2 > comel> who's the comel Aishah?

    Gambar 3 > Cam boleh tahan cool!.. mesti eksaited nak posing ngan dress tu kan..

    Batman : ;)

  2. Heee, Aishah is my niece. Sehatttt budak tu :)

    Oh Batman, tolong carikan mask tuk kita, ^^

  3. Yup.. suka panggil budak kecil debab.. ;D

    Why not U just borrow my black mask?...

  4. If I take urs, then U kai yang mane ?

  5. Boleh pinjam mask bumblebee anak buah je or leh terperuk je dulu kat rumah. ;D

    Bile eh dinner tu?