Friday, February 4, 2011

It's CNY, & everything's red!

Well, just some pics that I got from my outing with the girls! 
Didn't plan this, but anyway I've uploaded them and see the decorations from 
Pavillion & Fahrenheit. :)

Ok I'll start with Pav.
*click to enlarge*
*click to enlarge*
*click to enlarge*


Ok I'm done with Pav, Fahrenheit pulak!

OK siyes da malas! :O

Dah penat berjalan. dorang nak g makan.
Pappa Rich dorang nak try.
Ala2 kopitiam, ok la service dia.

*End of story*

PS: Sorry for the over-driven colour of orange, 
cuz I'm sooo overwhelmed by the 
effect of lomo right now! *peace*

Well the effects are like these actually :



Wish I could have this ..

1 comment:

  1. merah itu saga, merah jugak untuk raya cina.. ;D

    sekali je penah tengok tarian tu mase keje ampang jaya dulu.. boleh tahan kool dan bunyi yang agak bingit.