Saturday, January 22, 2011

That Saturday Thing

Trying to save my reading habit to the max!

It's 9 in the morning, and I'm HUNGRY! 
OK I was about to turun pergi beli makan tapi mana ade kedai bukak b4 10 ..

For whatsoever reason I got up so early today (on Saturday!)
I really have to cuz got loadssss of work to be sent by next Monday.
And later at 3pm gonna meet the guys and settle the work with them first.
Andddd then I'll get to finish off my other assignments tomorrow, InshaAllah.
Ok, lupe nak baca Bismillah dulu pulak.. hehe
Saja menggatal nak tunjuk my desk 
*terribly messy*

I stacked everything on my desk,
Even the leftovers from semalam nye mi goreng,

My desk is not that tidy,
So each time I leave my room,
I got to make some effort and TRY to arrange them back,
Fear that my roommates might tegur or sort of.

The board is at my left side.


  1. hehe envelope buruk tu buat penuh board tu je.. ;D

  2. nope, board tu sangat kosong, tak twu nak letak pe da. n sticker tu pon tak tampal2 lagy , tak tawu jgk nak letak mne, :)

  3. letak la hasil lukisan U yang paling kool kat situ. ;D

    takpe jangan tampal kat lantai suda. hehe