Saturday, November 6, 2010

Action Speaks LOUDER Than Words, kan?

If I nag,
Please listen. :P

If I yawn while you were talking,
It's just that my badan masuk angin, xD

If you heard me gossiped about you with my pals,
That means I like you very very much, like this big! *spreading my arms* 

If I don't text you back within an hour,
I'm in LaLa Land already. 

If I send a pic of something cute or funny,
I really want to hear you laugh!  :) 

If I send you a Message instead of posting it on your wall,
It means you are really something, to me. 

If I caught you complimenting other girls' photos,
I am going to avoid you, like in a week! *minimum* 

If you give me a book,
I'll try to read it for you.
Plus, I'll show off that book to my besties! :D 

(They would be dead just because of an illness .. called Jealousy)

Reminder to whoever reading this: 
If you already have someone,
So don't try to give hints or whatsoever,
It's not NICE.
Just treat the person you are close to, just like you treat other Girls
That would be nicer, and safer.
So nobody would get hurt, ok? 


Selagi finals blum selesai, megi la menu utama. :(
I'm in a state of kurangkan makan,
Kurangkan bercakap,
Banyakkan 'communicate' dengan buku, bla bla black sheep.

Laptop pon takde di sisi, 
Sangat2 boring sampai orang pon boring tengok kite pulak.
So till dapat beli charger bru , then I'll be as ACTIVE as possible! :DD

Annyeongg !


  1. *************************************

    if i smile,
    please look at my dimple..

    if i gloomy,
    please gimme a nicest smile to recover my dimple back ;D

    rase cam sipi² paham maksud U tu..

    harap U lagi hapi and hepi pasni, and remember HIM walways.. ;)


  2. OOPS!
    Heee.. utk sspe saja. ^^

    & U too kena HAPPY gak!
    No fai if I'm d 1 je.. ok!?

  3. haha bnyk typo kat situ!

    *NOT FAIR if I'm d only 1 je..ok!?*