Thursday, May 20, 2010

Panda. Y?

Salam Annyeonggg (n_n)!

I've always like cute cartoons all that stuff la. Y panda? I've many reasons why I always pick panda as my favourite. :)

## I got baggy, saggy eyes. I got them since I was little so tak kisah sangat. I won't freak out or get panic seeing them, I'm used to them already. It's kind of my trademark da hehe. So panda does resemble a lot about me. It has black spots around its eyes. So cutee really. (n_n) 

I have several collections of panda! I really3 love them, but one thing for sure I ruined one of my favourite stuff. The shoes that I got last year kot..I wore it masuk utan n the soles were torn, I was soo stupid. I thought if I were to dirty them it would be okay, but it turned out to be WORSE. 

Ok stop bukak cite sal tu,, I'm trying to forget bout it.. (wuuuuu)

Ok this one I got from my favourite place. (Kwn2 tawu kat ne kann?) :P
The words yg ade dkt tee tu sgt2 appealing! I can see myself wearing this RIGHT after I put my eyes on them! Really2 my type and it expresses its real self without worrying about what people gonna say. :)

*I myself having problems with own self. I fight with my mind on how to behave in front of people. I'm scared at how people would judge me. It's like I'm being watched and observed. I'd always have this kind of paranoid feeling since I was little, I was quite a quiet person. I found myself judge people, and I judge my own self TOO. 

Resulting in = PARANOID about being the same like them. I have had and still having low self-esteem/confidence to meet the crowd. (That's one of the symptoms of low self-esteem people). Seriously I will think about 'What I'm gonna wear tomorrow', 'Oh would this match with this one? I'm afraid they would say what a fashion sense u have..' bla3.

Ok this one also from the same shop! Bought this on the same day too.
 (I'm not promoting, or sort of.. haha)

Tees are must-haves for me recently. For the last few months I paid attention to long bajus macam ala2 skirt gitu. I still have them, sometimes match them altogether to experiment the looks. For people yang tak tahan panas I really pity them. Keke.

Maybe ade orang tnye 'Tak panas ke?', etc.. Of coz PANAS but I am used to it. 
Sauna fwee beb!! Aku mane mampu nak try sauna. :P

Neway tak kisahla,,asalkan we're COMFORTABLE in our own skin!
(Mmg la x bpe comfortable lau bpeluh..LOL)

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