Saturday, May 8, 2010

How Ugly A Girl Can Be?

Recently I've been watching 'HOTARU NO HIKARI', a Japanese drama. It is about love life a girl dreams for. Hotaru is her name, she's in her early twenties, she's  beautiful, has GREAT fashion sense, etc. I would describe her as almost perfect for any guy that wants to date her. But her love life is not that pretty. She's quite a loner and spends time alone in her comfortable little porch, facing a small fake fountain. Sometimes there would be cats as her companion.

Okay let me get this straight. The point I'm telling this is because of her life. At home she's a lot DIFFERENT from what she portrays at the office. She returns home and quickly changes to tees and tracksuits. I guess people don't mind that. But in her case, she is more like selekeh/dried-fish woman. She would scratch her butt, drink beers and let out a big 'AHHH' ..totally not the kind any boy would like ea?? To make it short, she's HORRIBLE and not graceful at all. The house totally changes into a zoo, with laundries of undried clothes hanging here and there, trash of cans/papers are everywhere. It's like living in a dump field. The house does not look like a home, rather like a cave to me. :)
Yet, I don't blame her, she just need someone to teach her. 

I'm quite certain that ALMOST girls out there are like that. Huhu sounds like I'm destroying my own saham haha. No laa. Believe me I think that the fact we are all selekeh in our way at home are unbelievably true. Guys may think that we girls are very sopan-santun/graceful in front of them, and they too believe we are like that dekat ruma. I think we should adjust the way we behave la. That's why many people get divorced due to many 'unseen' behaviours, both the male and female. They do not portray the real them. Slowly the real them would come out, and the their partners may or may not accept the way they are. In the HOTARU drama, Hotary can act naturally with her selekeh hair and all that in front of her manager. Ya they live together for many reasons (accidentally). But then in front of  the guy that she likes (MAKOTO), she couldn't be in her most natural look/behaviour.She's afraid that they guy might not like her because of the way she is at HOME. 

The drama is quite helpful in giving me strengths to overcome my fear. My fear of having my dream guy that accepts me the way I HOME. Makoto-kun did try to accept her, by approving the way she lives her life like a CAVEMAN. But that's not it. She's not her real self at ALL. She does not feel her most comfortable state of mind when she's with him. Instead she misses being at the porch, sitting beside Buchou the manager. She would roll around on the floor with the dolphin pillow, screaming and shouting at her best-cutest self and would go 'Here we go' , mumbling to herself as she has no one to talk to. :/

I'd like to if EVERY guy out there watches the drama and evaluate how's she and whether they would accept someone like Hotaru in their lives. Would a guy still want her to change to a better, or just go on with her way to live??

I really really want to know how a guy would react if he meets one. Would he run away, before he gets to know her? Would he expresses himself if he IS like that too? And would he get mad/stunned/shocked knowing that he is with dried-fish woman? Would he really mind the selekeh-ness? Or does he really really want a perfect, always graceful looking girl to be his soulmate? (-_-)

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