Wednesday, October 28, 2009

G/bye My Greatest Companion

I thought i have found someone that would tag along with me..
In the journey that obliges a companion
to talk to
to walk with
to make me smile
better than before
Honestly,..I was wrong

All this while i've been denying what my heart tells me..
I kept thinking what would be the end of our 'friendship'..?
And now he'l be going back to his hometown,
To be a better person
A better son for his beloved mother
To find his true self yet to be discovered sooner
But a worse friend
That will leave me all alone! ;/

With him i felt so safe and so happy
He's such a true friend that u wont find him that easy
Even in a pasar ikan :)
He's been so patient
That i feel i dont really deserve him..

Think it's okay to have him for a while..
Such an experience that it wont go far from my thoughts
So hard to let him go neway..
But he would never know that(oopss!)
Next time i'll walk by myself je
Takpela as long as I have Him(Allah) to guide me :D

Well my last msg is that I do appreciate U, YUSOF!
I was lost at first but u came the moment i needed someone
U came with a smile that gets girls to adore u :B
U r so concern about those who surround u
No wonderla every1 kat ofis sng dgn u!

I have no other words to describe u
But with my APPRECIATION that lasts a life insyaAllah
Even if we were not to meet after this
Remember that U r My Greatest Companion Ever!


  1. don't sad cause u'll never know your future!
    "perempuan yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik" :)
    tak mo tension-tension lagi and live your life happily!!!:)

  2. dah ko knpe..


    syukran neng! ;D

  3. (T__________T)...sentimental gak ko ni fi....hrp2 ucop bace...(harap sngt ucop bace)

  4. Now I'm speechless, over the edge I'm just breathless.. (^^)