Thursday, August 27, 2009

Twice Is Enough

Been together with him since I was 14. Been knowing him since kindergarten.. :)
I learned how to lie to my mother, anxious waiting for his calls,thinking what he's doing, did he ever cheated on me and got other woman..or women.
I did something that I think it might have saved our 4-wasted-year-relationship. I met one guy on Myspace, the guy had his own girl, we became friends, went out together for quite number of times, I got to know his friends and they're totally awesome n hilarious!!

The point I mention the MS guy is that I stupidly told my bf, "I went out with another guy.."
Not being cruel, I wanted to know whether he still loved me. I did that to prove to him that I still need him in my life.


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  2. it's kindda stupid to tell but atleast you are honest. maybe that's all what people need in a relationship, honesty. in my opinion eventhough ur in love with that someone and are dating each other, it's never wrong to befriend with other people, one thing that a couple seems to forget is 'trust', if this is always in your mind then i must say, you did nothing wrong.

    kalu dah 'sah' tapi kuar ngn laki lain jugak mmg tak patut la kn. tu lain citer la plak. sebab itu namanya perkahwinan..;)

  3. xpe cite lme tu..
    sumtms affection is needed to make sum1 knw dat he still luv her.
    its fine for d girl to b scolded by d bf as long as d bf shows he still care..
    affection is all she needed.

    nwy thx 4 d kmn :)